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Sometimes, student life is stressful and you may need little guidance or help from time to time. As a Morton College student, you will have a unique experience which will see you receive presonalised attention from your trainer and through every aspect of your student life throughout your study.

Get in touch with a student support officer via email – or phone if you require any assistance with any issues during study.

Student Support

The student support team offers variety of support to meet student’s diverse student life needs. It can be counselling, disability services, learning support, workplace problems and Career & employment resources.

Student support

Student Life

  • Online service
  • USI
  • Assessment
  • Gain work experience
  • Study progress

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We are committed to provide a quality learning environment for our students. Our goal is to provide an educational experience that meets your expectations and prepares you for your chosen career while also providing opportunities for personal growth.

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