Student Support

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Student support

Studying and learning new skills is a great experience and we want to help our students get the most out of their time with us.

As a Morton College student, you will have a unique experience which will see you receive personalised attention from your trainer and through every aspect of your student life throughout your study.

Our support staff can help students by providing personal and educational counselling, disability services, learning support, workplace negotiations and career and employment services.

Short-time counselling services are available from our experienced staffs.
This is a free and confidential service available to current and prospective Morton College students.
Counselling service is available to all our students to address emotional, social, educational and vocational needs of students and where necessary, will work with teachers to assist students to achieve their personal and educational potential.
It is important to seek assistance early, preferable prior to enrolment, if you require assistance to complete your study because of a disability.
A disability may include:
o Learning disability
o Intellectual impairment
o Physical impairment
o Hearing loss or visual impairment
o Neurological impairment

All students with a disability are able to access the Student Support Service to assist with:
o Identifying support needs
o Learning and study strategies
o Negotiating with teachers about support needs
o Assistance with contacting other support agencies
o Providing access to Skills Disability Support (SDS) funding.

Learning support service is available to all our students to address language, literacy and numeracy issues.
Workplace counselling is available to all our students to address any issues that you may have while.
Our support staff can help students with any career advise or employment resources.

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