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This course is designed to develop the language skills and knowledge of Intermediate to Advanced level students, and to prepare them for the general or academic modules of the IELTS test. The course is challenging and fast-paced, with a clear focus on improving both English language skills and exam techniques.

Study Mode

Intensive Moderate
25 hours per week 20 hours per week

Key Features

Key Features Who is the IELTS Academic Preparation course designed for
  • Examination skills
  • Writing skills
  • Fluency and pronunciation
  • For Intermediate and Advanced English level students who wish to prepare for the IELTS test or improve their academic English skills
  • Grammar and vocabulary
  • Listening & reading skills
  • Academic vocabulary, writing, listening and reading skills
  • For students who need to obtain a level of English to further pursue academic studies at diploma, undergraduate or post graduate qualification levels
  • Grammar and vocabulary
  • Grammar in context
  • Oral presentation skills and tutorials
  • Academic research skills and study skills
  • Enhancing a CV by highlighting a proficiency in English level for migration and career opportunity purposes
Learning Outcomes
  • Increasing English language skills in the key IELTS test areas: writing, speaking, listening and reading
  • Increasing general English ability in grammar, vocabulary and functional language
  • Developing familiarity with the IELTS test format
  • Testing and exam preparation
  • Practising a range of test-taking strategies
  • Exposure to meeting time limits

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