Global Scale of English

To maintain consistency in English study globally

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What is Global Scale of English?

The Global Scale of English, or GSE, is a standardised scale designed to measure English language proficiency. Through GSE, our teachers offer students course material in alignment with their learning goals and level of English language proficiency. This method is a simple and effective way for students to track their progress on a global level.

The GSE is similar to other scales, including the European Framework of Reference Languages and tests like TOEFL and IELTS.

We’re using GSE to map the journey of every student. In terms of the English Level Improvement Guarantee, we can assure the very best with our task-based teaching approach. We guarantee free study weeks for those who find it difficult to move forward following the completion of the 8-week level. This is an option for students with impeccable class attendance, participation and completed homework assignments.

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