Our Qualified teachers

On a mission to make you a GLOBAL CITIZEN

Our Teachers

Our teachers are passionate about teaching English. They are seasoned professionals and they offer top-of-the-line learning and teaching methods to our students. All our teachers have gone through a thorough selection process and training before they take on the classroom. It includes but not limited to:

  • Checking qualifications
  • Conducting background and reference checks
  • Performing mock classroom sessions

In our selection process, we thoroughly evaluate each applicant. Once we hire a teacher to become part of the Morton College faculty, we guarantee that he or she is highly qualified.

Classroom Management

Our teachers are passionate about the English language and patient with their students. Since learning English is a process, we understand the importance of teaching the English language little by little, so that students are fully equipped with all the basics before they move on to the next level. Morton’s teachers attend a number of workshops designed to help them enhance their teaching methods and classroom management abilities.

Our Teaching Style

At Morton College, our teachers make sure that each student understands each lesson to the best of their abilities. Teachers incorporate digital content into their lessons, which is significantly more effective than any traditional teaching style. Through this technique they can offer more comprehensive material to their students. In this manner, no matter how hard it is to master the English language, students are still able to make the most of their time inside the classroom. At the end of the day teachers know that their students will bring home a wealth of knowledge that will help them in their everyday communication.

Our teaching style is more focused on real life, interactive activities than anything else. We believe that classroom learning should be integrated in the sense of giving students practical lessons they can apply in their everyday lives. At Morton College, we emphasize hands-on and interactive learning, which we know is more effective than any other method.

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