Who we areWe are comfortable being the geniuses behind the scenes but sometimes people want to know who we are


Each of our student or business customer is unique, so the challenges that they are facing and their career/business aspirations are also unique.

At Morton College, we are Professionally Different because we use different strategies and learning models for each of our customers to ensure learning outcomes and personal growth is achieved. We believe everyone learns differently.


How it all began

Morton College founded on the pre-set of

  • Using quality education to break the cycle of unemployment by empowering individuals

  • Quality Education should not be the privilege of the riches, it should be made available to everyone regardless of their current status, family & cultural background and geographic location.

It was soon evident that, job seekers especially who are at the young age, lack core employability and interpersonal skills to take the advantage of employment. Thus, it wasn’t only limiting the industry’s and worker’s potential but also limiting the customer’s overall experience.

So then, the journey began –Making industry-relevant employees by delivering up-to-date, dynamic and nationally recognised training for learners of all age. All our staff including the CEO, has worked, managed and/or owned café, restaurant and other hospitality businesses.

What we do

Morton College delivers nationally recognized qualifications and training for the Hospitality industry. Our training model is based on employment based.

Our trainers are constantly out on the road, working one on one in workplaces. Our industry-dedicated training team is the engine for our operation, which is producing industry relevant employees for the industry we operate in.

Our CEO is building and maintaining relationships with employers, students, apprenticeship centers, industry bodies and government department to create more employment opportunities for our students and creating win-win outcomes for all.

  • Hospitality Courses
  • Quality education

How we do it

Very simple – By being Professionally Different and Smart at the same time in our approach to deliver our solution

  • We are really good at listening which helps us understand your story in detail

  • We also ask so many questions which will help us connect the missing dots from your story.

  • Now, we use our magic to devise a customised training plan to help you achieve your personal / business goal.

  • Then we start working on your customised plan to unlock your true potential.
  • That was our story

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